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Seek for expert interpretation services with Dar ibn Khaldun! We are a trusted translation company in Jordan, delivering our clients the most promising interpreting services.

Does your business involve communication with multiple firms across the globe? Seek for expert interpretation services with Dar ibn Khaldun! We are a trusted translation company in Jordan, delivering our clients the most promising interpreting services.

Our company has extended services to several giant companies like Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, Pepsi, etc., and is trusted by most today.

Are auditors from foreign countries visiting your company? It would be best if you had the aid of varied interpretation services in their respective language to communicate the finest. Dar ibn Khaldun provides you with interpretation services in German, Turkish, Chinese, French, Korean, Italian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Greek, and Dutch! Our services are recognized not only in Jordan but worldwide by many. The team of professional interpreters with us delivers top-quality assistance with the best training and knowledge to serve each client well.

So, whether you need to represent your firm at an event or conduct a one-on-one meeting if you are working with individuals that do not know your language, it is preferable to use interpretation services for such instances. Using them helps you unite with clients better and leaves a striking image on them. We have all the services you require to successfully run your international business deals. Keep reading and identify your ideal services to make a valuable business decision today.

What is meant by Interpretation?
Before getting into the details of the services, let’s take a quick view of the meaning of the term and analyze whether you truly need these services. Interpreting services are verbal forms of translation services conducted by professional interpreters or a team of experts. Interpretation if used to translate presentations, speeches, conversations, events, and other spoken foreign languages in your preferred native tone. By offering interpretation services, you eliminate all language barriers and open ways for better communication between you and the other party. These services also fasten the communication pace and refine the quality for more suitable efficiency. There are a few methods of using interpretation services. Use the most effective and relevant one to boost your business today.
Interpretation vs. Translation
Most individuals consider translation and interpretation services to be the same. However, it is far from the truth. The chief variation in these two is the necessary skill set and the delivery medium. Interpreters translate spoken languages orally, while translators deal with written text conversion. Both practices necessitate high-quality skills, a good cultural understanding, expertise in the matter, and fine communication abilities.

While the terms are often used interchangeably, identifying this distinction between the two is essential to picking a suitable service.
Interpreting services take place in the present tense. They are delivered in two most known ways, i.e., simultaneously or consecutively with the original speech without assistance from scripts, reference manuals, or dictionaries. Expert interpreters must convert the sourced language with the authentic context and preserve its original meaning. They must use the right set of idioms, references, and colloquialisms that help the audience understand its meaning in the simplest possible manner. The most vital set of skills an interpreter needs are experience, sharp memory, and instant reflexes.
Most interpreters work on the following projects: Meeting and business conference interpretation, medical needs, legal hearings, business events, live television broadcasts, and sign language.
The most notable distinction between translation and interpretation is that professionals who deliver translation services use computer-related tools and technicalities. It involves converting the sourced content into simple, easy-to-use files, applying TM to the text to translate what the tools have converted before, and filling gaps from scratch. As translators recheck each section of the text, they refer to multiple assistances like glossaries and templates to check on the quality. Finally, they pass on this content further for proofreading and convert the written document to its original format while ensuring no context is changed or lost. Translators work on written forms like Websites, video subtitles, print, multimedia, and more.
What service does your business need?
By now, you might identify the distinction between the two services well. Analyze the necessities of your business to pick the most suitable service. Also, consider these five distinctions to make the most valuable decisions.

Distinctions between translation and interpretation
1. Format

Interpretation is a service that involves converting real-time spoken language, while translation is text-based.

2. Delivery

Interpretation is a service that involves converting real-time spoken language, while translation is text-based.

3. Accuracy

Interpretation necessitates a little lesser accuracy in comparison to translation. An interpreter translator aims for excellence, but it’s tough to acquire while working in live conditions as while interpreting, some context is often lost. Again, translators get more time to work on their projects and get the most suitable outcomes.

4. Expertise

Interpreters need fine fluency in the language and great listening skills, as they need to translate content in both ways without external assistance instantly. Expert translators use only one way and mostly in their native languages.

5. Others
Using idioms and metaphors that relate to the target audience is quite tough, and both translators and interpreters face the issue. Further, interpreters also need to seize the tone, voice quality, and specifications of the word and convey the same content in the closest way.

The distinction between translation and interpreting services must be quite clear. Despite sharing similar assistances, both the services are quite different. At Dar ibn Khaldun you can get access to both the services. We are introducing the interpretation section for you to get the business need right and opt for the perfect assistance. Use our top-quality services to make maximum profits and acquire the best outcomes from your businesses.
Some professional interpretation services we offer are:
Our interpreters have adequate knowledge of all popular languages that help you pass on the message to foreign nationals or business partners in the most convenient manner. Their expertise and understanding of the culture, language, city, and customs will certainly add a valuable impression.

We have expertise in expert-level interpretation services in all domains to give you the best possible outcomes. The interpreters at Dar ibn Khaldun have extensive knowledge and experience in their profession and fulfill it excellently. Further, they ensure the finest possible communication between the employees and foreign partners to ensure seamless workflow and successful outcomes.

Our team of experts also has extensive expertise in global and international experience to suit all your necessities –they are fully bilingual and can effortlessly apprehend and convey the meaning, nuances, and tone of the conveyed message with the lowest possibility of misunderstandings. Certain interpreting services we extend are:
Simultaneous interpretation services

Expert-level interpretation services are necessary for large gatherings when the speaker and the interpreter convey a message using microphones and headsets. It is perfect for exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

In simultaneous interpretation, there is no space for breaks or lags while converting the target language into the desired text. It takes place together and does not have a delay of over 30 seconds or more.

This interpretation service can be well executed by trained professional interpreters only. Interpreters at Dar ibn Khaldun are well trained to provide such facilities to clients with utmost ease. They deliver top-quality messages conveying skills and instant delivery reflexes to give positive outcomes. The expert team with us has extensive knowledge and attentively decodes the message from the speaker to convey it in the easiest-to-understand language.

Simultaneous translation is also helpful in conveying a text or idea from one dialect to the other without paraphrasing. In certain cases, the audience that receives the interpreting message also wears headphones to ensure no interruption disturbs the communication. Doing so also improves the attention period and memory.

This interpretation service is mostly suitable for use at enormous meetings or events where hosts must assist a huge audience with different languages. A digital language translator may also be beneficial in such cases to provide the exact meaning to the audience. The UN is a popular example of the use of these services.

Simultaneous interpreting can cater to more than one individual with multiple languages. The service necessitates a team of experts in some cases, and we at Dar ibn Khaldun have the finest to assist you.

Consecutive Interpretation Services
Expert interpretation services where the interpreter translator waits for the original sentence to be over before interpreting it in the desired language. These interpretations are usual practice for trails, events, and one-on-one crusades.

Our highly skilled interpreters are well trained with varied linguists and have excellent command over foreign languages to assist you well. They have been operating in the domain for a notable time and deliver quality results. Interpretation services at Dar ibn Khaldun are indeed the finest and most reliable.

Using the consecutive interpretation, a speaker can talk for up to five minutes or less and take a break for the interpretation to occur. This type of interpreting permits a back and forth between varied parties; thus, it is a known practice in most legal hearings and business meetings.

Interpreters at Dar ibn Khaldun that take on consecutive interpretation projects have a firm memory and noting skills to record the information delivered to the audience. Providing accurate information is quite critical here, and we understand. Thus, we provide only skilled, certified, and trained professionals to cater to such needs.

Whisper Interpreting
This interpreting type is much like the simultaneous interpretation. However, it has one key distinction: Here, instead of using headsets and microphones, the interpreter sits with the group or people requiring the interpreting services. The interpreter then whispers and conveys the message to the desired native crowd to deliver the information perfectly.

Whisper interpreting is most suitable for a tiny group of individuals that necessitate language interpretation, particularly when one does not have access to a digital language translator with ease. This interpreting service can also be useful in diplomatic and business meetings where people need the assistance of an interpreter.
Over-phone interpreting
This interpretation can occur in varied forms. Using these over-phone interpretation services, clients can access consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, relying on preferences and the project needs. Simultaneous interpretations can be vague if the speaker does not get live access to the presentation and speakers. Thus, consecutive interpretation methods are most commonly used in over-the-phone interpretation services. Apart from the interpretation services held on the phone, firms might also necessitate on-demand interpreting to conduct their business deals or when a company is trying to help clients needing interpretation. For instance, if you misplace your purse in a foreign land and try to connect for help, your bank may necessitate an on-demand interpreter with you on the call and help explain the finest possible solution for you.

On-demand interpreting is commonly used in legal and medical instances, particularly when these sectors are foreign customers or patients with limited proficiency. This type of interpreting can be facilitated within minutes and accessed from any corner of the globe.

At Dar ibn Khaldun you get access to this wide set of interpretation services. Our clients can choose the most reliable professional service to get the best assistance in times of emergency. Contact Dar ibn Khaldun today and get these services with complete ease.
Escort Interpreting

This service can be suitable for people or groups requiring dedicated interpretation services for foreign visits or events. You can get custom and personal interpreting with this service to suit your need well.
Our interpreters travel with you or your small groups for your diplomatic or business trip and extend interpretive services in multiple ways. In addition to professional needs and presentation assistance, the interpreters can also give you the most reliable assistance at restaurants, shops, or locations you travel to. At Dar ibn Khaldun, our travel interpreter translator works as your cultural guide and helps you explore the complexities and cultural specifications while invading foreign countries.

Conference Interpreting
This type of interpreting is necessary at multilingual meetings such as national government representatives, global organizations, or NGOs.

Conference interpreters could be employees or freelancers and can operate for the Commission, the European Council, Council of Ministers, Committees, and varied agencies. A maximum of these interpretation services are applicable in Brussels; however, certain ‘missions’ accompany the ministers for foreign meetings.

Apart from a firm mother tongue and a significant understanding of two or more languages, our conference interpretation service spersonals also have distinct skills, like quick reception and instant communication. They are also resilient and capable of dealing with stress, pressure, and uncertain events as these interpreters are well-trained to fit in various subjects. Get the most successful interpretation services at Dar ibn Khaldun and secure your meetings.

The European institutions practice two key types of interpreting, i.e., consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter sits in their booths and works in real-time. Most of our tasks are finished by this method.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter carefully decodes the speech delivered by the host and takes notes if it is vital. The notes do not record the speaker’s exact words; it is only assistance for the interpreter to recollect and remember the specifications while conveying the utterance easily. There are some specifics for note-taking; every consecutive expert interpreter has their way of remembering and connecting the lines to deliver the message suitably.

Interpreters are equipped with headsets for a simultaneous expert interpretation in the booth. They listen to the original message delivered by microphone and convey it in the desired language to the potential audience wearing the headphones.
What Makes Our Interpretation Services the Finest?
If you necessitate interpreters for your firm, you might look out for specifics before making a final decision. At Dar ibn Khaldun you get interpreters that you need with every step. We promise the finest to our clients and give them the most spectacular assistance. Our interpreters have excellent language skills. Also, our team has the precise knowledge to serve you perfectly with every subject you come to us. For instance, a pharmaceutical company requires interpreters who understand and do not mess up technical and medical terms.

It’s also critical to locate the most personable interpreters, especially for consecutive interpretation needs. Our experts are well-trained for such needs as well. They are capable of instinctively understanding the subtle body tone and language to ensure a perfect conversion flow comfortable that is most needed during such events.

You can assuredly get the most reliable interpretation services with Dar ibn Khaldun. Check for our expertise, feedback, and partners to better understand our company and its functioning. We deliver the most suitable message conveying services for our clients with expert-level assistance only. Our expert team is professional and skilled enough to be prompt and arrives on time, understanding the importance of punctuality in professionalism. Option for interpretation services at Dar ibn Khaldun will certainly not upset you.
Skills and Qualities of Interpreters at Dar ibn Khaldun
Knowing more than one language is quite a skill. However, our professionals are not restricted to only this specification. The interpreter translators at Dar ibn Khaldun professionally interpret the language and try to decode the same message to the audience.

Our interpreters convey ideas to foreign speakers in varied settings, and some of this could impact your business in quite beneficial ways. Interpreting correctly does not just leave an unchangeable impression but caters to your business in the best possible way.

With our interpreters, you can make your business possible for global companies and customers and overcome all cultural and language barriers effortlessly. Altogether, interpreters are quite critical people, and we recognize the need.

Undoubtedly our professionals are the finest picks for your interpretation service needs. An efficient language interpreter has much more than high-quality skills. They are capable of combining multiple linguistic and interpersonal skills to complete the job perfectly for you.

1) Spectacular Language Skills The first and vital aspect that every interpreter must possess is an extensive experience in the language they interpret. Sadly most interpreters in the market do not possess this skill. We ensure our professionals serve you with this fine ability as it is a must. When working with clients, interpreters don’t get the time to refer to manuals or guides. Thus we train our interpreters with extensive excellence in vocabulary and verbal communication to serve you with instant reflexes and best ease.

Our interpreters are also capable of communicating as well as native speakers. High-quality grammatical understanding and the capabilities to understand idioms and metaphors are easily accessible to our professionals.

2) Expertise in Knowledge Most interpreters work only for specific industries. However, with us, it is not us. At Dar ibn Khaldun our professionals have specialized knowledge in most areas to give you the most reliable experience. Most are striking multilingual speakers and have the perfect assistance for medical and special interpretation needs to serve each client well.

Connect with us and get your ideal needs catered to with Dar ibn Khaldun well.

3) Accreditation Certifications do hold value. Our professionals have valid certificates and accreditations to give you high-quality expert work. At Dar ibn Khaldun we assure our clients the finest and cannot compromise with it. These professionally trained interpreters have the right skills to precisely serve client needs and use the right ethical codes.

Also, our certified professionals are less likely to make blunders. So, by opting for our services, you eliminate the chances of some serious errors and mistakes.

4) Soft Skills and Cultural Acquaintance Our professionals do not just interpret bugs but also convey the message exactly as said. They decode the message, tone, and expression and deliver it similarly. With reliable soft skills, they leave valuable impressions and benefit your business in the best possible way.

Also, they have a perfect knowledge of cultural backgrounds. They behave, act, talk and greet accordingly and bridge communication gaps well to assist impressively. Using these skills, they convey messages to non-native speakers in the most hassle-free manner for building top-notch global connections.
Why is Interpretation Services Necessary?

Opting for these high-quality services at Dar ibn Khaldun ensures the best communication for business growth. Use these expert-like services to get the best assistance. Most global interactions demand interpreters for seamless operations. Also, with the increasing global expansions, you necessitate advanced services to cope with the high-paced market.


Opting for these high-quality services at Dar ibn Khaldun ensures the best communication for business growth. Use these expert-like services to get the best assistance. Most global interactions demand interpreters for seamless operations. Also, with the increasing global expansions, you necessitate advanced services to cope with the high-paced market.


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