• Are you familiar with two or more languages?
  • Do you speak or are knowledgeable in any of the following: German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Dutch, Bulgarian, Turkish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch? Maybe you speak a language not mentioned here.
  • Can you translate from and to Arabic with ease?
  • Can you interpret immediately without stammering?
  • Do you want to earn more income or add to your income?
  • Are you a professional with some extra time?


Perhaps you are unemployed but have expert knowledge of common and unusual languages.

If you are, then you must come to us and become an accredited and Certified Translator In Jordan or an Interpreter in Jordan.

As an interpreter, you will be paired with an employer that will also broaden your horizons, you will be privy to private information so you must be totally trustworthy, at the same time you might get to travel around if your employer is a businessman or tourist seeking special requirements.

At Dar Ibn Khaldun for Translation you get a doorway to an amazing new world, widening your social interaction as an interpreter or just increasing your daily income as a Certified Translator in Jordan.

So, don’t waste time, contact us now with our online form or via e-mail, tell us what languages you are proficient or even fluent at and what is your academic and professional background. Together we will build a portfolio for you to maintain.

To join our team please send us your C.V to:

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